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Sieg beim Kellerwald Marathon am Gilserberg!


After my crash during the Salzkammergut-Trophy in July 2014 I suffered from severe problems with my right shoulder due to laceration of the rotator cuff and partial rupture of the supraspinatus filament. Both were diagnosed to need surgery. As it was expected that the surgery would go along with 6 months of MTB abstinence I decided to take part in a 4-stage race in Lanzarote on January, short before the scheduled operation.

I prepared for the race on Lanzarote with alpine touring during Christmas and New Year’s Eve vacation. The first two stages went quite sensational. I reached twice in second place behind olympic athlete Blaza Klemencic from Slovenia only 4 minutes behind her – a very good performance which I had not expected. Unfortunately I got increasing problems with the respiratory tract. I suffered from increasing dyspnea and wheeze so I presented to hospital after the second stage for clarification. The radiography revealed an unclear diagnosis and – bang – admission to hospital with suspicion of lung cancer, waiting for clarification  by means of a tomography. When I was out of hospital after my problems turned to be a mere bronchitis the race was over…. The only positive: in the hospital I was given lots of painkillers and anti–inflammatories so that at least my shoulder pain had improved in the meantime.

On January 30, I went back home as it was planned to present in hospital for shoulder surgery on 1 February. On the fly I obtained a second opinion concerning my shoulder which stated: no surgery necessary – whohooo. Let´s start training! However, after a few days I got severe toothache, a tooth had to be capped. Therefore some gingiva was removed but – ohlala – it was a little bit too much. So two weeks with 2 times a day to the dentist for treatment – Training? Unmentionable! It is now mid-February. When the tooth was finally healed the wave of influenza came – even to me – and shot me for 4 weeks. When all was well again it was mid of March and only one month left to prepare for the season ….

Will say, actually, everything was as usual ;o)))) …

However, in April I passed two weeks in Vinschgau, where we I found best conditions for training. Last Sunday now season opening at the 18th edition of Kellerwald Marathon at Gilserberg:

The Kellerwald Marthon at Gilserberg is the traditional season opener (this year 18th edition). It is also a fitness check for the first really big and important races in the season (e.g. Riva Marathon at Lake Garda on May 2, 2015). Already at the last hard workout on Monday before the race, I had the feeling that my fitness is not as bad as it would have to be expected :o))).

Unfortunately, the starting lists for the marathon are not visible in advance, so you will be faced with the competition on-site. I saw professional Katrin Schwing, who is without doubt the favorite to the race. However, in the morning – following a strange intuition – I decide to beat her in the race! This ist totally unrealistic but… if you have your goals in mind and clearly state them then you have a real chance to perform or wasn´t it this way?

So, let’s go! From the start I moved in 3rd place. Ann-Kathrin Hellstern a real marathon grenade U30 started with Katrin in first position but she was going the 120 km distance while Katrin and the rest of my serious competition (eg my 2–fold Transalp partner and now team mate Bettina Dietzen) were going for the 80 km distance. I could dissociate the competition quite well behind me, with Bettina having problems with the gear on her new Cannondale FSI bike. During the race, I have a good feeling, although Katrin still ;o))) in top position out of sight an no idea about the distance between us. On the other hand also no one in sight behind me – so could be worse!

Suddenly during the second of two laps I see a pink leopard with red mane along the way, just inflating a tire  – oh ooooh my objective formulation of this morning – so unrealistic it was – could nevertheless still come true now. From then on, I cycle full gas and reach the finish line in first position overall after 84 kilometers. For Kathrin I’m very sorry, she is always performing super strong but however, everyone has sometimes episodes of bad luck during race career.  For example me at the Salzkammergut-Trophy last year… So I am nevertheless very happy with my first position.

The morning after the race I awake with an insect bite in the right eyebrow. I am looking quite as having taken part in a boxing match but not being the favorite ;o(. I am sure, the insect was jumped over from the leopard skin;)))) …

Next Race: Riva marathon on May, 2 with me on the long distance (95 km and 3800 altimeter).


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